Joy Wing Mau’s new brand collaborates with National Geographic to release a short documentary about its Shine Muscat grapes

On July 3, Joytree, a new brand of Joy Wing Mau Fruit Technologies Group, collaborated with globally renowned magazine and media group National Geographic and released a short documentary, which tells stories about its Shine Muscat grapes and their production regions.

Joytree has partnered with National Geographic to release a documentary about its Shine Muscat grape

With “nature, love, and sharing” as its core brand values, Joytree is dedicated to bringing quality fruits nurtured with love to every family. The short film aims to capture the distinctive attributes of Joytree products and demonstrates the benefits that an ideal growing region can bring to fruits.

The opening of the film highlights that “each fruit serves as a geographical representative, whose unique flavour tells a story about its production region,” which is also the core theme of the film.


Joytree’s Shine Muscat grapes are grown in the Jinsha River Valley in Dali, Yunnan Province

The production region in the Jinsha River Valley in Dali, Yunnan province, enjoys an average of 2,719 hours of sunlight per year accompanied by a dry and hot climate. Shine Muscat grapes grown in this region possess exceptional qualities, including Brix levels of up to 20o, crisp and juicy texture, and a delightful fragrance.

Flavour is what really sets Joytree Shine Muscat grapes apart from other brands, with an expert pointing out in the film: “Grapes will show their preference for this place through their taste.”

Joytree's Shine Muscat grapes

Joytree’s Shine Muscat grapes

In the film, agronomists embarked on an arduous journey, climbing hundreds of kilometers while traversing mountains and rivers. They finally discovered an ideal location with an altitude of 1,400 metres where Joytree Shine Muscat grapes flourish. Through the meticulous selection of premium fruit cultivars from various parts of the world and the cultivation of fruits in the most suitable environment, combined with tender loving care and top-notch cultivation techniques, Joytree’s products consistently captivate consumers and enjoy widespread popularity.

As the first fruit brand to collaborate with National Geographic China, Joytree is effectively leveraging the partnership to enhance brand recognition and provide customers with a deeper understanding of its Shine Muscat grapes.