Chinese Womens Volleyball Team

Ahead of Tokyo Olympic Games this year, a short film about Joyvio durian, starring the Chinese Women's Volleyball Coach Lang Ping, an idol of several generations in China, and her daughter Bai Lang, was released in major Chinese cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

The film, which coincided with the beginning of Thailand's durian season, depicts Lang Ping in the eyes of her daughter – unbeatable, but also warm and sensitive inside, just like the Joyvio durians, which are tough on the outside and soft and full of energy on the inside. The emotional connection between the two characters resonated strongly with consumers.

The Chinese Women's Volleyball Team is a household name in China and is considered a strong favourite to win gold at the Tokyo Olympic Games this year. Over the past 40 years, the Chinese Women's Volleyball Team has won the world's three major volleyball championships ten times. Its influence reaches beyond the sport itself and has become a source of great pride for Chinese people. The spirit of the Chinese Women's Volleyball Team has inspired generations of Chinese people.

Joy Wing Mau became the official fruit supplier of the Chinese Women's Volleyball Team in 2020. The group's high-end fruit brands including Joyvio blueberry, Joyvio durian, Joyvio cherries, Joyvio coconut and Joyvio bananas, have become the official fruit brands for the team. The cooperation became a major event in China's fruit industry for that year, gaining the attention of more than 100m people.

Since the cooperation one year ago, Joyvio blueberry, Joyvio durian and Joyvio coconut have developed a strong brand reputation, with strong sales in the Chinese market. The short film is just one of Joy Wing Mau’s many marketing initiatives for the Tokyo Olympic Games.

In March 2021 Joy Wing Mau, together with a popular anchor on Tmall, the largest e-commerce platform in China, jointly promoted Joyvio blueberry. The collaboration resulted in brand exposure to over 30m people, setting a sales record of 30,000 orders in a second, and reaching the number one ranking of well-known e-commerce fresh produce brands, setting an example for the marketing campaign of Olympics in the Chinese fruit industry.

The head of branding of Joy Wing Mau, Liang Li, said the Group will continue to empower the Chinese Women's Volleyball Team with the natural nourishing energy of high-quality fruit and help them defend their title in the Tokyo Olympic Games. At the same time, it will continue to empower countless people who are pursuing their dreams and inspire them to go forward bravely.