Kuehne and Nagel (K&N) has launched eShipAsia, an online logistics platform enabling Intra-Asia shippers to optimise every shipment based on the route, transit time and cost.

'As one of the largest trades in the world, the Intra-Asia trade is a highly dynamic and fragmented market, characterised by transactional business models,' said Casper Ellerbaek, senior vice-president for K&N Asia Pacific, seafreight. 'This makes it challenging and time-consuming for shippers to find and procure the best transport options.'

On eShipAsia, shippers are connected to 20 countries, and can instantly compare sailing schedules and rates between 2,220 port pairs, 7,500 service loops and 54 underlying carriers.

The instant and competitive quotations provide full transparency on all applicable surcharges, while advanced online track and trace features allow users to stay informed on their shipment status anytime, anywhere.

'Users from our pilot testing reaffirmed that eShipAsia enables them to make better and faster decisions as the platform optimises their Intra-Asia shipments based on the route, transit time and costs,' explained Jens Drewes, president for K&N Asia Pacific. 'We are pleased to provide a seamless digital experience for our customers, changing a process that took days into a matter of seconds without compromising on our service levels and competitive rates.'

The technology-led platform is available in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, South Korea and Greater China and available in local languages.