Joint venture IG Esquire will bring new sustainable ideas to the fresh produce packaging sector


Leading Indian fresh fruit importer IG International has announced the launch of IG Esquire, a new joint venture with Mumbai-based corrugated packaging company Esquire Corrugation.

The goals of the new venture include driving innovation in the fresh produce carton packaging industry and pioneering new sustainable solutions.

IG Esquire will invest heavily in mechanisation and innovation in order to increase its manufacturing capacity from 500 tonnes to 1,000 tonnes in the near future. 

Tarun Arora, director of IG International, said the right packaging was crucial to the success of fresh produce.

“The only reason the fresh produce business presents itself as ‘fresh and safe to consume’ is because of the packaging feats that allow them to be as good as freshly picked produce. With IG Esquire, we are committed to revitalising the corrugated packaging business by integrating environmental sustainability across all of our processes and outputs,” said Arora.

“With IG Esquire’s creative approach and eco-friendly solutions, the world should be ready for a new era of packaging for fresh produce.”

Sanjeev Kapoor, managing director of Esquire Corrugation, said the world of corrugation is evolving and consideration of carbon footprints and environmental impacts are now just as important as price or quality.

“IG Esquire will be the key to bridging the gap between a quality product and an eco-friendly process,” said Kapoor.

“With a core focus on sustainability, remarkable quality and process innovation that ensures a flawlessly fresh product every time, IG Esquire will prove to be a game-changer for the corrugation and fresh produce packaging industry.”