ONE Ocean Network Express reefer

Ocean Network Express (ONE) has announced it will expand its current refrigerated container fleet by adding another 6,500 new units.

The expansion, which includes 500 units equipped with advanced Controlled Atmosphere (CA) technology, is aimed at meeting the growing demand for refrigerated cargo around the world.

Managing director, marketing and commercial Hiroki Tsujii said the demand for containerised reefer trade is expected to continue to grow in 2022 and ONE was determined to keep up.

“ONE continues to show our commitment to the refrigerated cargo segment with this additional investment in new reefer containers. We maintain one of the largest and youngest reefer fleets in the world, equipped with the most advanced technologies designed to handle perishable cargo demand,” said Hiroki.

“As a socially responsible company and leader in the industry, we are also doing our part for the environment by using water-borne paint which reduces VOC emissions.”

The new units will have waterborne paint applied instead of traditional solvent-borne paint. The use of solvent-borne paint is known to release volatile organic compounds (VOC) which can pollute the environment and cause smog that impacts air quality and visibility.

The use of water-borne paint is expected to help to reduce VOC emissions by 80-90 per cent, while retaining the durability and anti-corrosion capabilities of solvent-borne paint.

ONE is also currently working towards the application of the latest Internet of Things (IoT) technology into its fleet of reefer containers which provides real time visibility of critical information such as the temperature and humidity inside the container.