The Indian grape industry is anticipating record export volumes for seedless grapes this year, with the state of Maharashtra dominating the country’s production and exports, the Pune Mirror reports.

With Europe and Russia topping the list of export destinations, India’s seedless grape shipments are projected to reach 215,000 tonnes for 2014.

This year’s export estimate represents a significant step up from the volume in 2013, which the All India Grape Exporters Association puts at 172,000 tonnes.

This 2013 figure was itself a rise of 25 per cent from 2012, due to optimum weather during the pruning period in October and improved farmer education of how best to manage disasters and droughts.

While exports continue to rise, they still comprise only around 7 per cent of India’s total production of seedless grapes, according to Jagannath Khapre, chairman of the All India Grape Exporters Association.

Moscow and the Netherlands have been identified as the leaders in demand for India’s seedless grapes.

The European Union holds the title of largest international market for Indian grapes and is expected to see a notable rise this year, receiving shipments of 56,572 tonnes in 2013 and an anticipated 65,000 tonnes for 2014.

Khapre also believes the Middle East is set to grow in prominence for Indian seedless grapes, up from 5,000 tonnes last year to 7,000 tonnes in 2014.

The total revenue from grape exports is anticipated to exceed Rs15bn (US$240m).