Campaign to feature locally designed giftboxes, POS displays and sampling sessions  

Rockit CNY 2024 - in-store

Rockit will incorporate POS displays and sampling sessions to help drive sales of its limited-edition gift boxes

Rockit Global is kicking off 2024 with a coordinated Chinese New Year campaign featuring giftboxes designed by renowned local artist, Chen Zhao. 

Rockit China marketing manager, Xin Hu, said partnering with Zhao to create the gifting option truly localises the brand and appeals to consumers. 

“Through sketching, AI and computer refinements, Zhao has cleverly blended traditional Chinese New Year icons into our logo, along with Rockit’s brand elements,” Hu said. “The overall design inspiration for the giftbox is derived from paper-cut window flowers containing localised messaging, with each brand letter in the logo carrying a hidden meaning that resonates with consumers.”  

Rockit will incorporate POS displays and sampling sessions to help drive sales of its limited-edition gift boxes. This will be supported by extensive social and promotional activity on Rockit owned e-commerce platform, 

“Every campaign channel includes tailored messaging along with fun, locally shot imagery that captures consumer attention – and the brand’s cheeky attitude,” Hu said. “We have also equipped our retail partners with the tools to effectively communicate the Rockit story to introduce our snack sized apple to millions of new consumers during this peak sales period.” 

During the first weeks of the campaign (1 – 21 January), Rockit China country manager – sales and marketing, Leon Ai, said Rockit’s total sales have seen a 46 per cent increase. 

“Rockit sales and visitors to have also jumped over 11 per cent and 20 percent respectively, with Chinese New Year giftboxes driving 74 per cent of the week’s sales,” Ai said.  

For the first time, Rockit giftboxes will also be sold at supermarket chain Sam’s Club 

“Gifting is a major component of Chinese New Year, and we are excited to be selling our giftboxes in China’s largest and fastest growing retail chain,” Leon said. “Creating healthier gifting options has been part of Rockit’s activity in China for several years and forms a key part of our sales and marketing strategy for 2024 as we gear up for our biggest season yet.”