Rockit Apples

Rockit Global has teamed up with Dubai-based artist Dina Sami on a Ramadan promotion.

Miniature Rockit apples have been packed into 17,000 Ramadan-inspired boxes showcasing Sami’s work. The boxes are now on sale in store and online across the Middle East, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Rockit Global’s market manager for the Middle East, Ziad El Chawa, said the holy month of Ramadan – observed by Muslims during April – is a time for families and friends to gather. Many offer gifts as a sign of generosity.

“With fasting occurring between sunrise and sunset, Rockit apples are a popular option among families to fuel them through their fast,” said Ziad. “A three-day Eid Al Fitr occurs at the end of this holy month, which is also the perfect opportunity to enjoy Rockit’s delicious, crisp and juicy apples.”

Ziad said Sami’s creative interpretation of Ramadan – a depiction of a modern Muslim family against a night sky background – encouraged consumers to “give a little goodness” with Rockit.

“We loved the instant appeal of this artwork – it’s fresh, contemporary and colourful which really stands out in store and across our digital channels,” he explained.

Online activity

Alongside themed box displays in retail stores, Rockit Global is also celebrating Ramadan with extensive online activity.

This includes giveaways aimed at keeping consumers fit and healthy during the festival, collaborations with ten high profile social media influencers, children’s activities and recipe suggestions.

“It’s a really significant time of year for our Muslim consumers in the Middle East, as well as parts of South-east Asia, and through localised content and high value giveaways that align with the campaign – including Fitbit and Nutribullet – we’re expecting an excellent response and strong engagement,” said Annabel Hall, Rockit’s global digital manager.

Growing market

Rockit apples are sold in an number of Middle Eastern countries, including the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait.

Mark Pay, Rockit Global’s general manager global sales, said the Ramadan campaign looked set to boost brand awareness further.

“Sales are certainly surging within thishigh growth market,” Pay said. “We were up 47 per cent on the previous year in 2021, and orders for the 2022 season are already exceeding our expectations.

“It’s exciting to see millions of nutrition-driven consumers choosing Rockit, as well as an ever-increasing family of retailers, who see the uptake and want to be part of the magic.

“We believe our themed boxes, available until 2 May, will fly out the door, as families take this time to be grateful, express generosity and enjoy the company of those closest to them.”