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The technology is based on fruits natural 'packaging'

Scientists in France have developed an edible packaging they say could revolutionise the way food and drink is consumed.

The packaging, which has been called WikiCells, is designed to mimic the naturally occurring ‘packaging’ on fruit and vegetables. Its developers say it will dramatically cut back on plastic used in conventional packaging.

'The idea was to use the model of how nature wraps foods,' said Dr David Edwards, a professor from Harvard who led the research. “It’s a completely new way of packaging and eating.”

The edible plastic is made using a mixture of algae and calcium that is then flavoured in such a way to either mimic or compliment the flavour of the food or drink contained inside.

According to the Daily Mail, Wiki Ice Cream will be the first product to use the packaging and is expected to go on sale in the coming months. This is a vanilla ice cream with a cookie dough-flavoured membrane.