SpiceJet SpiceXpress

Indian airline SpiceJet has increased its services during the Covid-19 pandemic to help the Indian fresh produce industry continue to reach customers.

Since India’s lockdown began in March SpiceJet and its cargo division, SpiceXpress,have operated 3,512 cargo flights and carried around 20,200 tonnes of cargo mainly consisting of crucial perishable cargo such as fruits and vegetables.

Ajay Singh, chairman and managing director, SpiceJet,said the airline was dedicated to supporting Indians during the lockdown.

“We have always been committed to providing our services during a crisis situation and helping our fellow citizens when they need it the most,” Singh said.

“There wasn’t a single day when SpiceJet did not operate during the nation-wide lockdown carrying thousands of tonnes of medicines and medical equipment and fruits and vegetables to all corners of India and the world.”

As part of its response, SpiceJet has made a number of additions to its services in the last few months. It ran cargo-on-seat flights and carried produce in passenger cabin and belly space.

It also increased its domestic and international routes adding countries such as Egypt, Russia and Cambodia to its international cargo network, which now spans more than 40 countries.