Sun World promotion Indonesia 2019

With a focus on healthy snacking for families, Laris Manis Utama in collaboration with T&G Global as the market developer for Sun World Indonesia held a number of promotional activities for Sun World’s Adora black seedless grapes between November and December 2018.

An in-store promotion held on 1 December at Transmart Cempaka Mas included a colouring in competition(pictured below) involving more than 400 participants. An artist named Merlyn Moon was engaged for the event which was complemented by a social media campaign, educational activity and an artist performance.

“The purpose of the event was to [encourage the] community to start consuming healthy snacks, because so far, as we know there are still many snacks that are of low quality which can endanger the health of children and families,” Laris Manis Utama said in a statement.

Promotional material was provided across 31 stores encouraging shoppers to replace their snacks with Sun World grapes.

Sun World promotions indonesia

Laris Manis Utama said that with the presence of Sun World grapes in stores they were expected to become a substitute snack for the whole family to consume.

In late 2018 Sun World reported its largest crop to date, listing Adora seedless as one of three category leaders.

“To support this historic volume, Sun World is strategically working toward expanding its global export business and growing and strengthening the Sun World brand both domestically and internationally,” said vice president of sales, Jason Fuller.

Export volumes of Sun World grapes have increased 40 per cent year on year, over the past three years thanks to a strong brand presence and the export sales and marketing department of T&G Global.

The company said brand awareness in Indonesia and other Asian nations has grown considerably due to below-the-line marketing such as in-store events, demonstrations, marketing and social media promotions.