Bay Queen 1

The Bay Queen apple

Te Mata Exports has acquired the exclusive rights to Bay Queen, a new early-season apple variety emerging from New Zealand.

Developed by Hawke’s Bay growing operation, Bayley Produce, Bay Queen is said to have a 'bright, full block red colour' with a crisp flesh. “It’s smooth, sweet balance makes it broadly appealing,” according to a release from Te Mata Exports.

The exclusive rights will see the New Zealand-based company manage all tree distribution, planting, exports and marketing.

“We’re delighted that Bayley Produce owners, Kevin and Karen Bayley, chose Te Mata Exports to develop the Bay Queen to its full potential,” said Te Mata Exports executive director Murray Tait. “It’s a great quality eating apple and has achieved excellent premiums in the market in the initial commercial trials.”

Almost 50ha of Bay Queen trees have been planted in the Hawke’s Bay region. Commitments are in place to increase this production area by a further 20ha across the next two years.

“Having the exclusive rights to proprietary brands gives us a real edge and we’re excited by the opportunity this apple variety presents,” said Te Mata Exports chief executive Peter Lange. “Feedback from our international customers has been overwhelmingly positive and the early-season timing allows us to be one of the first to the New Zealand apple market.”

Lange said Bay Queen would complement Snapdragon and Cosmic Crisp, other IP apple varieties in Te Mata Exports’ portfolio.

“These, combined with our existing suite of New Zealand varieties, provides us with a complete and full season offer to our global customer base,” said Lange.

“Having a strong stable of IP varieties means we’re able to maximise value for our growers and customers through managing the supply chain from allocating trees and propagating, right through to sales and marketing.”