Shipments down two-thirds due to El Niño

The climatic impact of El Niño led to a 68 per cent fall in Peruvian mango exports in 2023/24. According to mango association Apem, just over 80,000 tonnes of the fruit were shipped during the last season.

Peruvian mango

The Netherlands was the top destination, taking around 33.5 per cent of total shipments, equivalent to 26,800 tonnes. It was followed by the US with 23,600 tonnes (29.5 per cent), then Spain with 6,700 tonnes (8.4 per cent), Germany with 4,500 tonnes (5.8 per cent) and the UK with 4,500 tonnes (5.6 per cent).

Apem said the industry is working to diversify its export markets. South Korea, Chile, France, Switzerland, Belgium and Russia are all within its sights, although the quantities shipped to these markets remains small.

During the 2023/24 campaign, more than 64,000 tonnes were sea freighted, around 13,000 tonnes were shipped by air, and almost 2,000 tonnes were sent by land.

Camposol was the top exporter, accounting for 30.2 per cent of shipments. Sunshine was second with 14 per cent and Dominus third with 11.6 per cent.