Aldi Deliveroo

Aldi has announced it is doubling the size of itson-demand grocery deliveries with Deliveroo.

The trial, which hasbeen operating from20 stores across London, Greater Manchester, Cambridge and the Midlands since early summer, is now being extended to 22more UKstores.

Theextension brings the delivery service to more English towns and cities,including Bristol, Liverpool and Brighton.

Customers within a 6km radius of the 42 participating stores will be able to choose from around 400 essential Aldi grocery items.

Once orders are placed through the Deliveroo app, products are picked and packed by Aldistaffbefore being delivered by Deliveroo’s network of scooter, motorbike and bike riders in as little as 30 minutes.

Richard Thornton,ccommunicationsdirector at Aldi UK, said: “The feedback on our trial with Deliveroo has been very positive so far, with customers really valuing being able to have more ways of getting Aldi’s quality food at unbeatable prices.”

This year Aldi has been getting into e-commerce for the first time, responding to the online grocery boom triggered by Covid-19 and playing catch-up with is retail rivals, nearly all of whom have established delivery services.

In April, it launched a£24.99 grocery parcel of 22 set essential productsdesignedto help vulnerable and elderly shoppers. Then in May, it began its pilot with Deliveroo, initially offering a range of 150 essential items such as bread, milk and fresh produce.

Prior to this it was already possible to buy wine and non-food items through its website.

Ajay Lakhwani, vice president of new business at Deliveroo, said:'We are delighted that Aldi’s trial with Deliveroo will double in size this week. Deliveroo’s on-demand grocery partnerships have proven vital for so many people during this difficult period, allowing families to get the food and household items they need and want quickly.

“The success of this trial reflects the strong customer desire for groceries on demand, an area in which Deliveroo is providing increasing choice.”

Ifthe Deliveroo trialcontinues to prove successful,itcould be extended to more stores across the UK in the coming weeks.

In September, Aldi pledged to invest a record £1.3 billion over the next two years, including in new and upgraded stores.

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