Discounter says the figure underlines it commitment to British sourcing

Aldi works with 5,000 UK suppliers

Aldi works with 5,000 UK suppliers

Aldi has announced that it spent an additional £1.3 billion with British suppliers last year.

The discounter said that it invested more than ever before in British suppliers and growers, meaning they now provide more than three-quarters of all items sold in its stores. Last year Aldi opened its 1,000th store in Britain, and has committed to opening up to 500 more.

Aldi works with around 5,000 suppliers across the UK and pointed out that is has been ranked as the top supermarket for conducting relationships fairly and in good faith for 10 years in the GSCOP annual survey.

Julie Ashfield, managing director of buying at Aldi UK, said: “British suppliers are the lifeblood of our business and without them Aldi wouldn’t be where it is today. We will always be at their side.

“Longstanding relationships with suppliers are at the heart of our success and we are proud to work with so many British suppliers, helping to bolster job opportunities and investment in the UK supply chain.”