Angus Soft Fruits enjoyed a record-breaking season after producing more than double the volumes of its exclusive AVA strawberries compared to last year.

The Scottish berry specialists increased the supply of AVA strawberries by 109 per cent year on year, with the company putting the bumper season down to a milder spring and summer in north-east Scotland, which helped create optimal growing conditions.

Angus Soft Fruits also believe the increased yield is thanks to the expertise of their exclusive group of growers, who are now more experienced growing the premium varieties of strawberries.

ASF’s AVA strawberry was first launched in 2003, becoming a mainstay of Scottish growing, having been bred for better flavour and resistance to disease, as well producing a higher yield.

In Summer 2017 the business launched six new varieties to help extend the season.

Chairman of Angust Soft Fruits, Lochy Porter, said he hoped the record year will be the start of greater volumes going forward.

“Thanks to our specialist Breeding Programme, talented growing team, and a bit of luck with the weather, we’ve managed to deliver the highest volume of AVA strawberries to date helping to satisfy increasing demand from customers,” said Porter.

“The primary aim of our in-house Breeding Programme is to bring new selections to market that have improved flavour, appearance, shelf life, disease resistance and yield than current varieties.

'Back in 2003, we released the original AVA strawberry variety, which was the first strawberry grown in the UK and sold into premium lines at leading retailers. Since then, our Breeding Programme has gone from strength to strength and we have developed six more commercial selections worthy of the AVA trademark, a clear sign of the varieties’ superior taste and quality.

“Together with our fantastic growers here in Scotland, we will be working hard to sustain this growth into next year’s season and increase supply of our sweet and delicious AVA strawberries even more.”