The Exosect system at work

The Exosect system at work

Exosect has won the Innofel award at the Sifel Morocco Agricultural Show for its pest control solution.

Benoit De Schepper, AAKO business support manager to ALFACHIMIE (SAOAS Group), said: “We are thrilled that Exosect is a winner at the Innofel awards for innovation in agriculture, as we have seen the Exosect system effectively control the codling moth, one of the main pest problems in apple and pears in Morocco and in fact globally.

“Exosect is an innovative tool, a keystone in integrated pest management (IPM) strategy, combining efficiency with benefits for the farmer, the consumer and the environment, because of a significant reduction in chemical sprays. We are delighted to bring Exosect’s products to the Moroccan market.”

To date, Exosect’s pest management solutions have been registered and launched in a number of international territories, including the UK, the US, South Africa, New Zealand, Italy and Belgium, with further EU approvals expected in the near future.

Exosect’s orchard and vine products manager Alison Tod said: “We are so pleased to have won this award; it is an honour to be recognised within the agricultural market in Morocco. We are looking forward to seeing the positive impact our products will have in the Moroccan market.”

Sifel, held recently in Agadir, is the key annual event for the fruit and vegetable industry in Morocco and offers a platform for new products and technologies, drawing crowds of 30,000 annually.