Cala Lily

Cala lilies are perceived to be business-like according to the study

New research has shown that despite the recession, consumers are just as likely to buy flowers as before the economic downturn.

Research by the North of England Horticultural Society (NEHS) at Harrogate Flower Shows found that nearly 80 per cent of those surveyed said they brighten up their home with flowers just as frequently as they did five years ago. With nearly 50 per cent buying flowers once a week, 23 per cent every fortnight and a further 13 per cent every month.

The survey was conducted ahead of the 60th anniversary of floral art at the Harrogate Spring Flower Show, which is organised by the NEHS and is running until Sunday.

The show’s floral art marquee has grown to become the biggest exhibition of flower arranging and floristry in the UK.

Martin Fish, show director, said: “The first flower academies were probably a way of celebrating the end of wartime austerity, when people were able to grow flowers in their gardens again after years of producing nothing but vegetables.

“Sixty years later we have another climate of austerity, but our research shows that people still enjoy the simple pleasure of brightening up their homes with flowers.”

The survey of show visitors also looked at trends in flowers and results indicated that traditional lines are still the most popular and sophisticated while on-trend flowers such as calla lily and anthurium were perceived to be the most business-like.