Fareshare Fresca tomatoes

Fresca is launching a new subsidiary Network Fresh to connect growers with more business opportunities worldwide.

Chief executive Ian Craig says Network Fresh will draw on the company’s wide-reaching market presence and logistics subsidiary to provide their growers with new sales channels.

“As a major fruit business we have trading relationships with growers around the world in different categories.

“As a team we put our heads together and looked at the quality of products we procure and thought there must be other markets that would welcome this supply; where can we position this produce for our growers?

“Historically we have focussed on the UK and this is us looking back the other way.”

Craig says the concept of Network Fresh first emerged in October, with the first trading beginning in December.

He says the new subsidiary was a response to the changing business models of UK retailers, who are sourcing greater volumes by direct sourcing, with Fresca losing a Sainsbury’s contract in 2018, and Co-op also soon ending its supply from the company.

According to Fresca the Network Fresh subsidiary will draw on a “sophisticated technology solution” from its in-house analyst team to spot gaps in the market.

“The breadth of our business means we span all products and all territories, offering unrivalled access to an international network,” states Fresca.

“The sister agencies of Fresca Group can be accessed to provide consultancy and fulfilment on logistics, transport and import/export issues, commissioning services as required.”