Chips Shop Mock Up

G’s Fresh has launched “chip shop curry” flavour beetroots to join its new Love Beets range.

The British fresh produce giant unveiled the bold new flavour alongside white wine balsamic beetroot, joining the Love Beets range, available in Tesco stores.

The brand said it would continue to disrupt the fresh produce aisles with unique flavours and packaging, after a successful first year.

Jenni Danby, head of marketing for global brands at G’s Fresh said: “We’re excited to be adding these two new Love Beets flavours to our range.

“Through our delicious flavour infusions, we can truly offer both beetroot lovers and newbies something new and exciting to add to their plates and particularly during the summer months when people naturally eat more beets, these bold flavours can be the hero of the dish.”

The new flavours were inspired by research from Love Beets, which found that almost a third (31 per cent) of adults say that a boring lunch has the ability to ruin their day, while 60 per cent say that their perfect lunch has to be flavoursome.

Other Love Beets products include sweet and smoky shredded beetroot, alongside a convenient no vinegar beetroot pouch that aims to provide customers with a no mess, no fuss solution of ready-to-eat beetroot. Love Beets range is available from the chilled aisle of Tesco stores nationwide now from just one pound each.

Love Beetswas founded in the USA by Guy and Katherine Shropshire and is supplied in the UK by G’s Fresh.