Koppert has modified its nematodes packaging to deal with waste and technical issues.

The Dutch company has been supplying various insect-parasitising nematodes for some years and the small packs of Larvanem, Entonem and Capsanem (50 million nematodes per unit) will now be supplied in new packaging.

Like the bulk packs, these will now be supplied in a semi-permeable plastic bag and will feature improved permeability of the packaging, whereby the nematodes are less likely to

suffocate; improved sealing of the packaging as a result of the modification of the packaging material; and less waste due to a reduction in packaging materials.

The microscopic nematodes are effective in combating the larvae of many types of pest insects.

The products have already been used with great success for many years to combat various pests, including Entonem for sciarid fly and thrips and Larvanem for various types of beetles, including black vine weevil.