Chris Mack Fresca

Fresca chairman Chris Mack has praised the efforts of Fresca staff and subsidiary companies to keep Britain stocked with fresh produce during the coronavirus crisis, with the company seeing demand soar.

Mack thanked his staff in an open letter, and assured them that they will “not suffer financial hardship” if they need to stop working to self-isolate or fall ill with the virus.

Fresh produce businesses across the country have had to rapidly adapt their business models to a national shutdown, as the government urges the public to keep indoors, while restaurants, venues and leisure venues have had to shut their doors.

“Firstly I want to thank every single person working in a Fresca business for their understanding and commitment to the job. Fresh produce is absolutely essential at this time and, just as previous generations in this business worked to keep the nation fed at times of national crisis, so we shall continue today,” Mack said.

“We are all worried about our health and that of our families. There are measures in place at each of our sites to make sure we comply with advice and legislation so we can do our best to keep you safe at work.”

Mack revealed that The Fresca Group, Britain’s seventh largest fresh produce business based on turnover, was experiencing strong demand during the crisis.

“From our wholesale market sites through to our supermarket supply business, demand is running far above our usual operating capacity. We’re doing everything we can to keep the supply of fresh produce coming through the chain.

He continued: “You are doing a superb job, keeping things running and delivering for the millions of people at home who are understandably worries and in need. On behalf of my colleagues and our customers my sincere thanks to you all.”