The achacha

Marks and Spencer has become the first high-street retailer to start selling the achacha.

The fruit, which originates from the Bolivian rainforest but is now being grown in Australia for Marks and Spencer, is small and orange-coloured, and belongs in the same family as the mangosteen.

It has a melon-like taste, and a soft, sorbet-like texture, andcan be eaten at room temperature, cold or frozen, with the skin capable of being turned into a drink.

Shazad Rehman, a 'fruit expert' at the supermarket, said: “We’re very excited to be introducing the achacha to the UK high street for the first time. It’s delicious eaten on its own or great popped into a glass of fizz or a fruit salad at a dinner party – certainly a conversation starter.

'We pride ourselves on innovation and being the first to bring new fruit and veg to the high street. We were the first to discover bubblegum plums, liquorice pears, tiny tangerines, giant strawberries and now the delightful achacha. We’re already looking at what could be next.'

The achacha offers a great source of nutrients, including calcium and vitamin C.

Although it is very sweet, the fruit actually contains less sugar than many other fruits, making it an ideal, healthy, on-the-go snack.

Achachas are easily opened using a unique ‘pierce and pop’ technique, which involves piercing the skin with a thumbnail, then squeezing each side of the mark to pop it open.

The farmer of the fruit grew up eating the achacha in Bolivia, and, upon moving to Australia, missed it so much that he spent four years cultivating it to be grown successfully and sustainably.

Available in store now, the achacha costs £2.50 for a pack of four.