New lines have been officially endorsed by Ninja

McCain Foods is tapping into the craze for air fryers by developing a new range of potatoes pitched specifically at the cooking aid.

McCain's new Air Fryer chips

McCain’s new Air Fryer chips

The frozen food specialist cited figures showing 45 per cent of British households now own an air fryer, and has responded to the trend by developing a new product range. 

The Air Fryer range is both vegan and gluten-free, and includes Deep Ridge Crinkle Fries as well as French Fries that can be cooked at home in just a few minutes. They are the only products officially recommended by leading air fryer brand Ninja.

Air Fryer Deep Ridge Crinkle Fries cook in eight minutes, with the deep cut said to create maximum crispiness, while Air Fryer French Fries are ready in just five minutes.

The two lines have gone on sale in 750g bags in all major supermarkets.

Mark Hodge, VP of marketing at McCain, said: “We are the first frozen potato brand to create a designated range of air fryer-specific products, and we are continuing to invest in innovation to bring quick, easy and tasty products for time-poor consumers.

“We know that consumers are looking for convenient, healthier and tastier options, and so with the launch of the Air Fryer range, we are helping consumers add restaurant-quality foods to their home-cooked meals, in just minutes.”