Rashford and Kerridge

Morrisons has announced its support for a new campaign to tackle childhood hunger led by Marcus Rashford and Tom Kerridge.

In response to the UK government’s April 2021 uplift of the Healthy Start voucher scheme, the footballer and chef have joined forces to launch ‘Full Time: Get cooking with Marcus and Tom’. The initiative is a year-long campaign aimed at offering parents and carers as well as children the skills and confidence to get cooking at home from scratch.

The nationwide initiative is in support of the #EndChildFoodPoverty campaign launched by Rashford in September 2020, and in partnership with his Child Poverty Taskforce, supported by Facebook and Instagram. Together, the goal is to call ‘Full Time’ on child food poverty.

‘Full Time’ will feature 52 easy-to-follow recipes posted weekly on Instagram, all with an emphasis on simple ingredients and minimal equipment required.

Morrisons will be posting the recipes on its own instagram channel, encouraging customers to get involved and try out the dishes created by Rashford and Kerridge. And for customers who may not have access to the internet, recipe cards will also be available in Morrisons stores for customers to pick up and use with their weekly shop from Sunday this week.

David Potts, chief executive at Morrisons, said: “As foodmakers and shopkeepers, we are fully behind Marcus and Tom in this important campaign, giving parents the confidence to cook delicious and nutritious meals with their children to fuel the stars of the future.”

From April, Healthy Start vouchers will equate to £4.25 per child under the age of four per week. To encourage 100 per cent takeup of Healthy Start vouchers, Full Time looks to eliminate the stigma around the use of the vouchers and encourage parents and carers who are eligible to participate.