Red-fleshed apples are on sale as a limited-edition listing this month

Morrisons is hoping Halloween will bring a sales spike for red-fleshed Kissabel apples, which have been newly launched at the retailer.

The limited-edition apples are selling for 99p for a pack of three, and the supermarket believes the red flesh will make them attractive for using in traditional Halloween games such as apple bobbing and apple on a string. 

The retailer also suggested the fruit can be paired with new Nightmare on Market Street Cheddar Cheese to create Halloween party cheese boards. 

Fi Mitchell, seasonal trade planner at Morrisons, said: “We’re thrilled to welcome two new spooky additions to our Halloween range. The Nightmare on Market Street Cheddar Cheese and the Kissabel apples pair perfectly together on cheese boards or can be enjoyed on their own. Both are sure to be crowd pleasers and keep everyone happy this Halloween.”

Kissabel Apples are available from 10 October in 50 Morrisons stores.