Survey suggests current challenges threaten the UK’s food supply capability 

Farm managers are worried about the future

Farm managers are worried about the future

Four in five farm sector managers are worried about the current level of UK food security, according to a new survey.

The recent study by the Institute of Agricultural Management (IAgrM) found that the current level of UK food security is concerning to 81% of respondents.

Conducted ahead of the National Farm Management Conference next month, the survey also highlights that the majority of respondents (78%) believe there is a direct conflict between food production and the delivery of environmental outcomes, while 84% see UK agriculture having a positive role to play in climate mitigation.

“This survey, which was completed by over 200 members and industry stakeholders, has provided great insight into how the UK agricultural and food industry currently feels about the challenges that come with balancing food and environmental security,” said IAgrM chair Carl Atkin. 

“This really helps set the scene ahead of our National Farm Management Conference, titled ‘Agriculture’s Defining Decade: Balancing Food and Environmental Security’, where discussions will include the monetisation of natural capital, alternative food production options and what’s needed to maintain supply chain resilience.”

Atkin said that the stability of the UK’s food security has been tested by a combination of Brexit, Covid-19 and the Ukraine war. “The latest governmental changes, and particularly the change of Defra minsters, has added extra uncertainty into the mix and only time will tell how these changes will impact UK agriculture,” he added