Spalding Kindness

Lincolnshire grower Naylor Farms has joined the ranks of produce businesses going the extra mile during the coronavirus crisis, by donating 2,500 packs of coleslaw and potato salad pouches to a local community group.

One of the largest cabbage growers in Europe, Naylor Farms said its prepared veg products of cheese coleslaw and potato salad bags, were ideal ways of keeping long-lasting veg during social distancing measures, with a 180 day shelf-life if kept in the fridge.

The company donated the packs to the Spalding Covid-19 Kindness Team, established in March to deliver essentials to those who are either struggling with shopping or self-isolating at home throughout Spalding and Pinchbeck.

Mum-of-two Keira Williamson, a part-time pharmacy assistant, created the group after she watched an elderly man struggling to find the things he needed.

“Many businesses have stepped forward to help, meaning we have a steady supply of items coming through the door which we can pack up and ship to the destination,” said Matthew Smith, a member of the Spalding Kindness Team.

“Naylors is one such company, and it’s great to receive a large delivery of food items which won’t perish any time soon. It’s ideal they are based just down the road and have the infrastructure in place to supply products at short notice.”

Simon Naylor, fourth-generation of the Naylor family who have run the farm since it’s conception over 110 years ago, said: “It’s essential that businesses work with their local communities especially during a crisis, to offer help and support to those that need it most.

“After hearing about the hard work, dedication and commitment of Spalding Kindness, the Naylors team quickly sat down to discuss the best and most efficient way in which we could help. With a large supply of recently produced potato salad and cheese coleslaw pouches, it made sense to donate 2,500 units to Spalding Kindness.”

In addition to the delivery service, the Spalding Kindness group also helps to guard against loneliness, which has been a concern for many during lockdown.

The dedicated team contacts residents via phone for a friendly chat and also delivers letters on behalf of the sender to ensure lines of communication with friends and relatives are kept open.