Washed bananas in black trays - Allfresch Group Ltd

Organic bananas from the Dominican Republic have a new brand

Fruit importer Allfresch is set to receive the first shipment of its new premium organic banana brand Mibio from the Dominican Republic.

Mibio is the result of new quality controls at source to counter the frequent tropical storms that affect the Dominican Republic every year, the company said.

The first shipment is due to arrive into Dover in the next couple of weeks and is being offered primarily to customers in the UK and France, with plans to expand across Europe later in the year.

“Over the past several years, working with key suppliers in Dominican Republic the group have developed a very good understanding of the challenges producers and exporters face every year on the island,” a statement from the group said.

“With this experience and knowledge, tighter controls have been implemented at the most critical stages of the supply chain.

“Working with our selected producers and strengthening controls at source we believe that we can maintain the premium reputation that the brand has been designed for.'

Mibio organic bananas are sourced from leading producer associations in Dominican Republic and are certified by organic, Fairtrade and GlobalG.A.P certification bodies.