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The new pack is relevant to farm employers

The National Farmers’ Union (NFU) has launched an employer information pack to address the change in the way terms and conditions for horticultural workers in England are governed.

The changes are a result of the abolition of the Agricultural Wages Board (AWB) earlier this year, the abolition coming into effect yesterday (1 October).

Phil Bicknell, NFU chief economist, said: “The NFU is keen to ensure as many farmers and growers are aware of the changes as possible. This [change] finally sees agriculture on par with other sectors of the economy when it comes to employment issues, as we move away from the restrictions of the AWB.

“Farm employers will be free to engage new workers on terms and conditions that comply with wider employment legislation, rather than being bound by, what some would view, as a rigid framework imposed by the old agricultural wages legislation.

“For many in the industry, this will just be another working day, given the accrued rights of existing workers. Nonetheless the industry needs to be aware of the changes, and the NFU is committed to support members’ post-AWB.”

The employer information pack is available for NFU members and combines an array of information relevant to farm employers, from frequently-asked questions to how-to guidance.

Members can register for the pack via the NFU website.