Fyffes Power of the Blue Label

Fyffes' marketing manager Emma Hunt-Duffy

Fyffes has launched a new marketing campaign to highlight the brand’s strengths and stress that ‘not all bananas are the same’.

The supplier said that although they may look alike, there is much in the way that bananas are grown, harvested, ripened and brought to market that affects their condition, quality and taste.

‘The Power of the Blue Label’ campaign, which spans radio, out-of-home advertising, social, digital and trade advertising, is based on five things that Fyffes says consumers should keep in mind when choosing their bananas.

1. All of Fyffes’ bananas are hand-picked so machines don’t damage the delicate fruit.

2. Before dispatch each Fyffes banana is washed twice.

3. During transit, the supplier's bananas are kept in a state of hibernation using state-of-the-art containers at the perfect temperature to slow down the ripening process.

4. Shipped direct from Central America to the Port of Cork, with no stop off, Fyffes’ claims its bananas are among the freshest in Europe.

5. Before delivery to retailers, Fyffes bananas are slow-ripened in temperature-controlled ripening chambers to ensure they stay fresher for longer.

Fyffes’ marketing manager Emma Hunt-Duffy, who is overseeing the campaign, said: “The aim of our campaign is to draw consumer attention to the fact that not all bananas are the same.

“We want to remind shoppers of the important differences to keep in mind when selecting their bananas, and the important attributes that our famous blue label stands for – quality, freshness and taste.”