Holfeld Plastics

The Holfeld Plastics K80 family-sized punnet 

Packaging company Holfeld Plastics has expanded its range of soft fruit punnets with three new sizes.

Previously viewed solely as a supplier to M&S, Holfeld Plastics’ range is now available to the wider fresh produce market.

Alongside existing punnet sizes, Holfeld has now added the M81, K30 and K37 variations. The M81 range is available in depths of 30, 40, 50, 70 or 85mm with black or red bubble pads. Described as an ultra lightweight range, the new K30 series comes in 34, 60 and 75mm depths, while the K37 divide comes with and without packaging for two varieties of fruit, in dimensions 184x118x35mm.

The company has also adapted its family-sized K80 punnet, with deeper sizes available in 56, 70 or 85mm depth. The whole range is laterally vented to mitigate condensation and refine airflow even when the punnets are stacked, Holfeld said.