SCA Packaging develops 'palletainer'

SCA Packaging has developed a range of bulk produce 'palletainers' to minimise transport costs, increase vehicle utilisation and increase produce protection.

The palletainers are designed to fit onto a standard 1200mm x 1000mm pallet; with the depth being varied to suit individual requirements.

Where appropriate the units are available from stock, with these packs having a depth of 1600mm.

Mark Furman, SCA retail and food business manager, said. “The unit has been developed to offer a cost effective, high performance and safe method of storage and transport for fresh produce. This offers the packer the ability to pack netted, bagged or loose product much more efficiently than just onto a pallet. With the pack incorporating the SCA Easypack drop front, it’s exceptionally easy to load and unload which greatly reducing packing time. Where required we can also add circular ventilation holes ensuring a constant airflow over the contents, which reduces the risk of product spoiling”.

The produce packs can be designed to suit individual requirements.