Onepay new website

Onepay is aimed at seasonal and temporary workers, particularly those from Eastern Europe

A payment service for seasonal workers without a UK bank account has unveiled a new multilingual website to make it easier for migrant staff to receive their wages.

Yorkshire business OnePay relaunched in mid-December, ensuring customers can easily access the information they need in their mother tongue.

The new site, which cost £50,000 to complete, offers professional multilingual support in six languages - English, Bulgarian, Russian, Romanian, Polish and Lithuanian - making it well suited to fresh produce firms that rely on Eastern Europeean labour.

Founded in 2007, OnePay works with various firms and recruitment agencies to enable fast and direct payment to temporary and seasonal workers who don’t have access to a UK bank account.

Like a regular bank account, a OnePay accountcomes with an account number and sort code, and allows customers to easily access and spend their earnings.

Since customers are given a prepaid Visa card, issued by Raphaels bank, there is no need for employers to pay staff by cheque or in cash.

OnePay’s marketing manager James Krueger said: “Our customers do not often speak English as their first language, so being able to offer them support in their native tongue ensure help is always available to them. It also helps break down communication barriers between our customers and their employers.

“We make paying temporary and seasonal workers very straightforward, cutting out unnecessary administration for businesses and agencies, and ensuring workers are paid efficiently.

He added: “The website offers users the benefits of enhanced multilingual support and access to their online account to view their account details and balance, offering additional peace of mind and control. “

OnePay works closely with the Association of Labour Providers, which helps manage and protect workers in the consumer goods supply chain.