Veg Power and Aardman partnership sees new resources created for children

Veg Power has partnered with Shaun the Sheep

Veg Power has partnered with Shaun the Sheep

The Veg Power campaign has extended its tieup with Aardman for a Shaun the Sheep-themed Holiday and Food Activities (HAF) programme to engage and educate children about vegetables and the role they play in a healthy diet.

The HAF programme has been developed utilising Veg Power’s experience in nutrition, behaviour change and, importantly, making the topic fun for kids. Through a set of fun and educational Shaun the Sheep activity sheets, children will be introduced to a variety of vegetables and the importance of eating a rainbow.

The programme has been designed to support all children regardless of their cultural or economic background and is suitable for children with neurodiversity.

To support the range of different HAF providers across the UK, the Shaun the Sheep ‘Eat the Rainbow’ programme has been designed to be modular and flexible in both the duration and the type of activities included such as a workshop and craft ideas supported by a guidebook, stickers, decorations and other promotional materials to bring the programme to life.

In addition, children will be given take-home resources including a reward chart and sticker pack to extend and enhance their learning and to enable a lasting improvement in habits at home. Local Authorities and HAF providers have been invited to contact Veg Power to get involved.

Dan Parker, chief executive of Veg Power, said: “We are pleased to be able to support the delivery of food and nutrition education as part of this summer’s HAF activities. We have been able to combine our experience and expertise through our work including The Eat Them to Defeat Them campaign, to create fun and exciting content for children attending HAF programmes during the school holidays.

“We hope that it will encourage children and their families to increase their vegetable-eating habits at home and, in turn, have a much-needed impact on children’s dietary health.”

Rachael Peacock, senior brand manager at Aardman, added: “We’re delighted to be collaborating further with Veg Power to bring Shaun the Sheep to an important initiative that touches so many of us. Based on Mossy Bottom Farm, Shaun’s links to the countryside and farming make him an authentic ambassador and we hope the programme encourages children not to be sheepish and try the whole vegetable rainbow!”