Dutch designers RPC Bebo Nederland has manufactured a new range of citrus-peel-free products with extended shelf life in a new innovative move for Del Monte Foods.

Del Monte Citrus Bowls is a new range of ‘ready to enjoy’ fruit slices, available in three flavours: Red Grapefruit, Citrus Salad (red and white grapefruit and oranges), and Grapefruit Duo (red and white grapefruit).

Xander Shapiro, director of produce marketing, Del Monte Foods, said: “Since we are not selling fresh-cut fruit, we needed a pack that would achieve extended shelf-life requirements, in addition to the ability to hold up well in the shipping and handling distribution environment.

“We also needed an appealing design that would be attractive enough to go directly from the refrigerator to the table.”

Del Monte asked RPC Bebo Nederland to devise a suitable container with a unique design using an innovative process known as Finite Elements Analysis, which sets ribs into the pack walls for exceptional vacuum resistance and compression strength. The bowl is highly transparent to allow customers to see the fruit slices and has a resealable lid for consumer convenience.

The Red Grapefruit Citrus Bowl was launched in July 2008 into US convenience stores and Wal-Mart Supercenters, with the other flavours to follow at the beginning of 2009.