It'sFresh technology can help to improve the shelf-life of strawberries

New research commisioned by Cranfield University and Writtle College claims ethylene removal can extend the post-harvest life of strawberries.

Researchers from Cranfield used It'sFresh! ethylene-removal pads as part of their study and will announce the findings at this week's VI International Conference at Cranfield University from 2-5 September. The It'sFresh pads work by trapping and locking away ethylene gas from the inside of fruit packaging.

Simon Lee, chief marketing officer at It’sFresh!, said: “These independent studies, undertaken using our ethylene-removal technology, will reinforce what we and It’sFresh! customers already know from commercial experience: strawberries and other berries need effective ethylene management just as much as other types of fruit if they are to arrive at the consumer in top condition and avoid being wasted.'

Meanwhile, Chris Bishop, a reader in postharvest technology at Writtle College, said the research proves 'unequivocally' that It'sFresh technology, which is already used by M&S and Waitrose, can extend the product life of strawberries by 'at least two or more days.'