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Your brand is the promises made to your customer through marketing and the quality of the product or service to generate demand.

To build a sustainable brand, well-communicated values and products of exceptional quality are not enough. These two cogs are vital in the branding machine, however the driving force to ensure you deliver your brand promise is your supply chain.

Supply chain capabilities are core to the brand and customer experience strategy, which is critical for the fresh produce business. Due to the fast moving and complex environment, it’s vital to have a finely tuned supply chain, where communication is key and internal collaboration is essential. You must consider every detail to deliver on your promises and provide a positive customer experience.

Despite this, cracks often appear in the chain due to front-end marketers not considering the supply chain as important.

Poor fulfilment, lacklustre logistics or unavailable items - promoted or otherwise – equals a broken brand promise. Like a machine, without oil, your customer experience, without a quality supply chain, will come to an abrupt halt and your brand will fail.

Even an enthusiastic customer can be lost, or a prospective customer can be turned away as a result of a single poor or inadequate buying experience.

Get it right – with co-ordination between marketing, sales, customer services and real-time supply chain information, combined with consistency, not only will your brand strategy be supported, your business will thrive through customer loyalty and advocacy.