Halloween at ICA

ICA is revamping its produce range ahead of Halloween

Swedish supermarket ICA has unveiled a new ‘scary’ range of fruit and veg to promote fresh produce ahead of the typically confectionary-focused Halloween.

Examples in the new range include a ‘zombie brain’ cauliflower, a ‘scrambled head’ pumpkin, ‘witch finger’ purple carrots, and Dracula’s pre-cooked beetroot.

Prior to launch in three weeks time, ICA is promoting its Halloween produce range via in-store signage and point of sale material.

'We know that many children do not get as much vegetables and fruit as they should eat,” says ICA dietician, Paula Frösell. “Good food and exercise habits at an early age are the basis for a better health throughout life. Halloween, which is another celebration with a high focus on candy, gave us inspiration for a fun and frightening assortment with more healthy options.”

The ICA Halloween range consists of 12 fruit, root veg and other vegetables and aims to promote Halloween food in a playful way, the retailer said.

Some 100,000 tonnes of Swedish pumpkins have been grown to cover demand for Halloween, ICA said, alongside 75 tonnes of purple carrots, and 50 tonnes of blue potatoes.

The promotion builds on ICA’s partnership with non profit organisation Generation Pep, which works to improve children and young people’s health.