Veg grower throws open its doors to the public for Open Farm Sunday

G’s Fresh welcomed over 7,500 visitors to its site on Open Farm Sunday this year.

The event on 11 June was boosted by some of the best weather of the year so far, with activities spread across three main areas. 

They included a “machinery field” where visitors could explore some of the latest farming tractors and machines alongside their vintage equivalents. This field was also where visitors could take in the dog training and sheep shearing shows, while historians could visit the G’s archaeology stand full of artefacts from across the farm and the Ely City Museum.

The “main field” was where visitors had the opportunity to purchase some of G’s produce, learn all about the factory processes and engage in various activities with industry partners as well as learn CPR with medics from the East Anglian Air Ambulance.

A new area this year was a dedicated “environmental field” which hosted woodland walks as well as a range of G’s environmental partners such as the RSPB and the Bumblebee Conservation Trust.

The family favourites tractor and trailer and harvest tours were as popular as ever, according to G’s.

Event organiser Emma Shropshire said: “As a team we really look forward to opening our doors to the public and showing people where their food comes from. This year we have extended our environmental area to showcase the work we are doing on the farm to ensure farming works as much as possible in harmony with nature. I am delighted with the support for all our volunteers who took part in the day and made it a great community event”.

G’s have been hosting Open Farm Sunday at Barway since 2006 and each year the event attracts visitors from across the region and beyond. This year the event was supported by a range of G’s customers, suppliers, industry, and environmental partners.

Since G’s first Open Farm Sunday in 2006 all proceeds raised from the event have been donated to The East Anglian Air Ambulance. This year visitors were lucky enough to be able to see the air ambulance up close when at 13.30 the helicopter landed onsite for a planned visit.