Charlotte Penn

Charlotte Penn

CambridgeHOK has signed an agreement with London-based Protium Green Solutions to work together and help speed up the decarbonisation of the UK horticultural sector through the increased use of green hydrogen energy solutions.

The move sees the two specialist energy companies come together with a focus on assisting growers to reduce their energy bills and carbon emissions simultaneously, the two sides said.

Protium is a green hydrogen and renewable energy project developer that works with clients to support their transition to zero emissions through developing green hydrogen solutions.

To help establish projects without large upfront capital expenditure for clients, Protium has developed a hydrogen-as-an-energy-service (HESCO) model, where it raises project financing alongside its own capital to finance green infrastructure and then provides HESCO services to clients over a fixed offtake period.

As part of the new collaboration, Protium’s key roles will be to support the development of green hydrogen projects with the specialist team at Cambridge HOK to provide clean energy solutions for horticultural developments such as vertical farming and commercial glasshouses.

The companies said the collaboration showcases the horticultural industry’s desire to revolutionise how their businesses operate, in order to create a brighter, more sustainable future for the UK.

Charlotte Penn, energy business development manager at CambridgeHOK, said: “We are delighted to be forging a new partnership with Protium which will explore green hydrogen solutions for horticulture in the UK, and help to further decarbonise British produce.

“Reducing energy costs to remain competitive is at the forefront of the minds of all clients we speak to at present, so this new approach and collaboration with a business which leads the way in green hydrogen solutions will be of huge interest.”

Protium said the move was significant as it brings the company into a new sector with a demand for green energy solutions, as well as an appetite for innovative technology. “We are delighted to announce our collaboration with CambridgeHOK. The UK horticultural space is experiencing rapid technological change and has a significant appetite for green energy solutions,” saidChris Jackson, founder, chief executive and director of Protium.

“By working together to combine our expertise, we believe this collaboration will help to advance the UK horticultural sector in its desire to hit the 2050 net zero target as set by the UK government.”