A new online groceries service for London will pursue plans to expand the service nationwide.

Tilia (www.tilia.co.uk) claims that it sources its produce from the capital's 'very best' organic and upmarket artisan producers, with a heavy focus on fresh produce.The website separates its food offering into six categories:Butcher, Fishmonger, Bakery, Greengrocer, Deli and Drinks.

Founder and food entrepreneur Rob Ford said: “The idea for Tilia was born when I moved to Islington and for the first time was exposed to the great British produce available from the amazing artisans in London’s villages.

'I knew that it was difficult for people living outside of these areas to regularly access this amazing food and drink and so I wanted to create a solution that connected these businesses with all food-lovers – Tilia became that solution.'

Ford says that Tilia will now seek out regional artisan suppliers across the country as it looks to expand its service and launch in every major UK city.

Furthermore, he also insists that Tilia stands apart from the major supermarkets as its delivery teams can provide an unparalleled level of knowledge to guide and recommend customers on issues such as the seasonality of fresh produce.