Nick James Schoeller Allibert

Nick James

Food packaging manufacturer Schoeller Allibert has created a dedicated sustainability taskforce in the UK to guide and advise customers on evolving regulatory measures.

The company explained that the new group will support Schoeller Allibert UK customers through important changes, including the UK Plastic Tax, Extended Producer Responsibility reforms and European Packaging Levies. It added that the taskforce 'underpins the company’s core motivating force of moving food processing logistics from an insular, linear and fractured process to a robust and circular closed-loop system.'

The taskforce, which will focus on the UK legislative environment and will be aligned with Schoeller Allibert’s corporpate sustainability strategy, will draw on individuals throughout the business to ensure that a holistic view of sustainability remains front and centre, the company said.

The news comes following Schoeller Allibert’s recent appointment of Britta Wyss Bisang as group global sustainability director. Bisang has a 20-year track record of developing sustainability programmes across large international supply chains, and will focus on helping Schoeller Allibert deliver on its long-term sustainability drive and supporting global customers seeking to reduce waste and CO2 emissions.

Sales director Nick James said: “It’s becoming clear that for food processors, supply chain sustainability is becoming an ever more complex arena, particularly in terms of legislation. For many, it feels like many big upheavals at once, so it’s no wonder brands are looking for extra guidance and support, particularly as resources are stretched to meet the demands of high volume and speed, all while operating safely with reduced headcounts.

“For our business, a dedicated taskforce is a very natural evolution of our offering. We’re always looking at how we can better serve our customers and continue delivering excellence through the food processing supply chain - we thrive on being a sustainability partner with a solid grip of regulatory changes. We’re proactively taking away many of the environmental pressure points that are currently troubling businesses and supporting the creation of a circular economy. We do this with more than just our comprehensive product range, we can use our extensive combined knowledge and experience, too.”