Catriona McLean with drone at SeedSPot farm lo res

A virtual Potato Showcase Week has been created to highlight the results of on-farm trials taking place at AHDB’s Strategic Potato Farms across the UK, as well as the latest research information and industry views.

The levy body has put together a series of webinars from 6-9 July on industry-related topics ranging fromagronomic management to future solutions and market dynamics.Strategic farm hosts, researchers and key experts from across the potato industry will participate in the four-day programme, tailored to potato growers.

Topics covered in the webinars include the first planted area estimate for the 2020 season and impacts affecting the potato market. Leading researchers, growers and agronomists will discuss how rotations, aphid research, and emerging ag-tech can help potato businesses make informed decisions throughout the potato lifecycle.

Richard Meredith, AHDB’s head of arable knowledge exchange, said: “In these difficult times it is more important than ever for AHDB to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and information between our growers. Following the success of the virtual Strategic Cereals Farm Week which we held in June, we wanted to deliver something similar for potato growers as it allows us to engage with a wider audience than we can with on-farm events.

“One of the highlights of the Potato Showcase Week will be the session with our strategic farm hosts in Scotland, north England and East Anglia who will explain how they are rising to the challenges of the season while running local and national trials putting research into practice. This is a great opportunity to share on-farm learnings with farmers across the UK.”