Waitrose asparagus

Waitrose is selling extra-early season asparagus, which went into stores from 26 February.

The standard UK asparagus season runs from mid to late April, but thanks to a warmer start to 2022 this year’s harvest has arrived eight weeks early. Product is sellling for £3.50.

The bumper crop of British asparagus has been grown by Sandy Booth of New Forest Fruit, and the unseasonably warm January temperatures and the natural use of coir - which warms up much quicker than soil - has led to an early harvest this year.

Booth explained: “By using the coir, we’re confident that this early crop will be some of the tastiest asparagus on the market. Perfect for enjoying alongside a creamy hollandaise or in a simple salad with free-range eggs.'

Waitrose vegetable buyer Lucy Darby-Smith added:“We know how much our customers enjoy home-grown British asparagus, which is why we’re delighted that this year’s crop will be available earlier than usual. It’s a clear sign that spring is on its way and we’re certainly looking forward to the warmer weather.”