London restaurant and catering supplier Woods Foodservice has announced it is expanding with a new fresh fruit and vegetable range for chefs.

Woods stated its ambition is to be “considered London’s premier greengrocer”, with the extra range simplifying ingredient sourcing for chefs, enabling them to order high quality fruit and vegetables with their existing foodservice shopping basket, with one delivery and one invoice from July.

The company has appointed two former Mash Purveyors fresh produce buyers, after Mash Purveyors went into administration in April.

Taking responsibility for sourcing produce will be Ivan Martin as head of purchasing for fruit and veg, and Justina Levinskaite, assistant head of purchasing for fruit and veg.

Darren Labbett, Woods managing director, said: “We’re very excited to be expanding our offer to include fruit and veg. With Ivan and Justina on board, and the knowledge, skills and contacts they bring I’m confident it will be a huge success and have ambitious plans to be recognised as London’s premier greengrocer.

“While it’s been a difficult time for the industry, and it’s certainly not over yet, we know our customers will always need suppliers they can trust to deliver fantastic ingredients and service when they need it, and that’s where we come in, delivering excellence in everything we do. I’m sure chefs will welcome only having one order, one delivery and one invoice to manage too.”

Woods is in the process of putting together a new up-to-date product and price list, which will be ready and available in the next few weeks. A core range of fresh fruit and vegetables will be stocked initially with additional produce available upon request.