Zip-Pak, the Netherlands-based re-sealable packaging specialist, has launched a zippered degradable packaging for food products.

The degradable zipper is manufactured using a blend of pro-oxidant catalysts and the company’s standard polyethylene copolymer. It can be broken down by heat, moisture, UV light, or through micro-organisms.

Robert Hogan, director of international sales and marketing at Zip-Pak, said: “The degradable zipper enables film and bag converters to support brands that are increasingly willing to invest in not just environmentally-friendly but also innovative and convenient packaging.

He said the product’s development showed how brands could empower consumers to play their part in conservation by providing the option of degradable packaging without sacrificing the added convenience of re-sealable packaging.

“Zip-Pak’s degradable zipper highlights our commitment to meeting the changing needs of our customers,” continued Hogan. “We are also currently researching biodegradable technology,” he added.