Annual auction builds excitement as Queensland production comes online

Top bidder of the Mango Auction, Sam Etri from Skippy’s Fresh Frootz

Image: Australian Mangoes

Sam Etri from Skippy’s Fresh Frootz was the top bidder at Brisbane Produce Market’s annual Mango Auction, held this morning (29 September).

Etri and his team paid A$20,000 for a tray of the popular summer fruit, with the money donated to children’s cancer charity Redkite and The Lady Musgrave Trust for homeless women. The auction has raised over A$1m for Queensland charities since 2002.

While mangoes from the Northern Territory have been sold in the Australian market for several weeks now, the auction marks the “official launch” of Australian mango season, according to a release from Australian Mangoes – an industry band managed by Hort Innovation. 

The release said national distribution levels will reach 230,000 trays in late September, as production in Queensland gathers pace. Australians are expected to consume close to 180m mangoes over the coming months.

“After a year of dreary weather and negative news, Australians can look forward to tasting the sunshine with the sweet tropical flavour of Australian mangoes,” said Brett Kelly, chief executive of peak industry body Australian Mango Industry Association (AMIA).

“The excellent growing conditions over the recent months has meant we are harvesting an abundance of fruit in prime condition. We can’t wait to share these with Aussies to slice, dice and devour all the delicious, juicy goodness of our Australian mangoes.”