Fasta brings together key Australian export stakeholders and authorities to strengthen biosecurity and support pest management

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Avocados Australia was the first peak industry body to benefit from the Fasta initiative

A research forum hosted by Avocados Australia and the Fresh and Secure Trade Alliance (Fasta) brought together government and industry professionals with the aim of building out an avocado market access plan. 

This was the inaugural roundtable forum to be held as part of the Fasta initiative and Avocados Australia was the first peak industry body to benefit.  

The initiative was created to develop robust datasets, open new export markets for Australian avocados, and strengthen access to existing markets. 

Fasta’s eight-year, national programme unites state governments and several universities to strengthen Australia’s biosecurity and support its pest management.  

More than 70 scientists from the nine partner agencies across Australia will test innovative technologies to improve understanding and management of fruit fly and other key pests.  

John Tyas, Avocados Australia’s chief executive, said the Fasta initiative would provide a boost to industry.

“The Fasta initiative brings together world-class scientists across Australia with recognised expertise in market access, biosecurity and pest management and their combined efforts can help the Australian avocado industry advance our market access efforts and ultimately realise our Avocado export strategy objectives,” he said.