Global Macadamias and Marquis Macadamias part ways as part of company restructuring 

Marquis Macadamias, an industry leader producing and marketing macadamia nuts, has announced a strategic restructuring to enhance service delivery and market responsiveness. Ben Adams, the current chief executive at Marquis Macadamias, has assumed the additional role of chief executive at Marquis Marketing, the group’s sales and marketing division. 


Ben Adams has assumed the additional role of chief executive at Marquis Marketing

As part of this restructuring, Global Macadamias the Group’s South African partner is no longer part of the Marquis Group. According to Marquis Macadamias, this shift underscores the group’s commitment to sustained growth and delivering top-quality Australian macadamia products to customers worldwide. 

“We are excited about the opportunities this strategic change brings to our shareholders, customers and staff,” said Adams. “With over 40 years of experience, Marquis Macadamias has been a pioneer in the industry, continuously investing in quality improvements and processing capacity. This move positions Marquis to focus more intently on the Australian macadamia industry, poised for significant growth in the coming years.”  

Adams emphasised Marquis’ dedication to its growers’ long-term return. He highlighted the company’s efforts to establish a robust global brand and enhance its product range and sales force.  

“With a solid foundation and past experiences to draw upon, Marquis is well-equipped to navigate through challenging market conditions. We anticipate an improved 2024 season and remain confident in the Group’s capabilities and outlook,” he said.  

After a difficult couple of years, the industry is finally showing signs of recovery. Marquis Macadamias expects to announce the 2024 Notional Price within the month of March. 

The Marquis Group is 100 per cent grower-owned. With two state-of-the-art factories in Australia, Marquis Macadamias has the ability to process over 28,000 tonnes of nut-in-shell annually.